Francesco Del Re
Francesco Del Re

Materials skilfully forged by the untiring hands of our craftsmen who mould and forge new and surprising shapes to give you disarmingly beautiful pieces.
Our Terraforte is made of fine clay that is made to last and is enhanced and given value by time: unique pieces for interior or exterior décor in shades and shapes that are always unique.
The casting of bronze creates handcrafted products of great artistic value, resulting in end products that are perfect in every detail.
Francesco del Re offers a vast catalogue from which you can choose the solution that best suits your needs and tastes, original designs that are the result of creative passion and a skilful alchemy of clay and coloured pigments.

Francesco Del Re
The Materials

The Terraforte

we use only the finest clay for our ceramics

Terraforte is a product made to last, it increases in value over the years and is the result of a manufacturing process that has been carefully planned down to the smallest detail. Terraforte comes both in its natural colour and in various colours that are a skilful alchemy of clay and pigments, natural minerals which are added to the primary mixture.

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Francesco Del Re


We work pure copper alloy bronze with a minimum percentage of tin with no lead added to provide you with a final object of unique value

Bronze has inspired an extensive line of non-serial products with a high value of craftsmanship and focused and independent production. Functionality and aesthetics come together in original designs to create that statue or vase which matches your décor or ideas.

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