Francesco Del Re
Francesco Del Re

Hands, the only possible tool

About us

Francesco del Re is an example of a passion that has persisted over the years and is applied to the production of a highly prized and valuable art. The importance of handcrafted work, the uniqueness of a one-off piece and the careful study of details are all cornerstones of our company's craftsmanship. A story that goes back a long way.

Francesco Del Re
A mixture that becomes eternal

The Materials

Terraforte: beauty and harmony of lines

The clay is created from a mixture of powder, rock and water, and is solidified and fire baked, passing through various stages of processing. It is only thanks to the love and passion of Francesco del Re that Terraforte was born, a durable, high quality clay that becomes more valuable over time thanks to the original designs created in our artistic workshop

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Francesco Del Re


from liquid to solid

Bronze casting produces handcrafted products of great quality and value, suitable for interior and exterior décor. A process carried out entirely by hand, which creates unique pieces. Aluminium, a metal of lesser value but offering a beautiful 'silver' colour as an alternative to the 'gold' colour of bronze, can also be cast using the same process.

Our Metals